Green Home Chronicle is one family’s story of our quest to build an energy efficient, environmentally sound house in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re neither homebuilders nor architects, but we’re managing our own project and learning a lot along the wauy.

My name’s Ken Edelstein. I’m an environmental journalist in Atlanta who’s building a website on the sustainable built environment called RenewATL.

But on Green Home Chronicle, I’m telling the story of our family’s homebuilding adventure oon my Owner-Builder’s Journal.

At the same time, I’m assembling do-it-yourself guidance for others who are interested in making their own house greener. These how-to guides will come in the both written and video form, and they should be of interest to anyone, whether they’re doing minor renovation, building a whole new house or just into the subject.

We’ve assembled a team of great professionals to work with us on the project, and we continue to be on the lookout for great suppliers and subcontractors. At the same time, I want to ensure to our readers that I’m not going to sugar-coat the experience. The story you read on this website will be a candid tale, replete with screw-ups as well as victories. But we’re hoping — of course — that we’ll have a happy ending.