Silvia and I are working closely with Lisa Manka of Hestia Construction to assemble a team of suppliers and subcontractors who are the best fir for our project.

Our core team members — Carl Seville of Seville Consulting, Lori Bork Newcomer of Bork Architecture, and Lisa — comprise our planning partners. Now, we’re scouring Atlanta and the Southeast for skilled tradespeople, product manufacturers, and material suppliers who can offer the highest quality work at a good price — and can contribute to our green home’s sustainability.

Partners of Green Home Chronicle will be fully compensated for their work on our green home, although they may discount their work in exchange for publicity and marketing.  If you’re skilled tradesman or tradeswoman, or if you represent a company capable of contributed to the sustainability of a project, please let us know here.

Our hope is that Green Home Chronicle will help builders and homeowners who value sustainability to connect with quality subcontractors and suppliers. Toward that end, our readers — and partners — should know that we’ll tell the story as truly and honestly as possible; that’s how they’ll come to understand our full experience.